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IEC 61850 Protocol for Simulink

IEC 61850 protocol support allows you to exchange data with your IEC 61850 enabled devices and systems.

Speedgoat provides Simulink® blocks for MMS, GOOSE and Sampled Values(SV) operation on the system's Ethernet interfaces without requiring further I/O modules.

Versatile support for IEC 61850 Client and IEC 61850 Server is provided with onboard Ethernet interfaces and plug-in Ethernet I/O modules (see Selection Guide below).


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IEC 61850 Protocol for Simulink

About IEC 61850

IEC 61850 is a power system automation protocol standard used for machine-to-machine (M2M) communication and interoperability between SCADA systems, IEDs and sensors.

The MMS protocol is based on TCP/IP following a client-server architecture. GOOSE and SV are based on multicast Ethernet and follow a publisher-subscriber architecture. The client connects to the server to exchange surveillance values and general information about a substation, like continuous data reports or to send control commands to protection relays. GOOSE is a fast and reliable protocol used mainly for IED-to-IED communication. The SV protocol is used to transmit mostly analogue values in digital format, e.g., AC analog currents and voltages.

Selection Guide

All the Ethernet ports support IEC 61850. One port can handle the data transmission of multiple IEC 61850 clients or servers configured in the real-time application. Each IEC 61850 client or server requires a runtime license. GOOSE and Sampled Values blocks are included in each IEC 61850 runtime license. IEC 61850 support is available with MATLAB® R2020b and later.

The following native implementations are available:

Product Supported machines  
IEC 61850 Client Interface All  
IEC 61850 Server Interface All  

Speedgoat real-time target machines are equipped with onboard Ethernet controllers that support IEC 61850. In addition, IEC 61850 is compatible with the following Ethernet I/O modules:

Product Number of ports Supported machines     
IO710 1 port Performance  
IO715 4 ports Performance, Mobile, and Baseline  
IO791 2 ports Baseline and Unit  

Most of the Ethernet interfaces (both onboard and on I/O modules) also support various protocols, such as Modbus TCP, DNP3, OPC UA, EtherCAT Master, TCP/IP, Real-time UDP, PTP, and XCP over Ethernet.


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