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Consumer Electronics Solutions

Advances in Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Human-Machine Interaction, and 5G communication are transforming consumer, computer, and industrial electronics.

Design and test embedded technologies to sense, communicate, interact, and collaborate with other devices such as human-machine interfaces, and even enable the creation of a network of physical objects (Internet of Things – IoT) via UDP, TCP, EtherCAT, and PROFINET® communication protocols.

Take advantage of the seamless hardware integration of high-speed digital and analog I/O modules with Signal Processing Toolbox™, Audio Toolbox™, Computer Vision Toolbox™, Vision HDL Toolbox™, and DSP System Toolbox™ to implement feed-forward and fast closed-loop applications for acquisition and processing of audio signals and video data.


Capabilities for Real-Time Simulation and Testing


Design, simulate, and improve the control algorithms for your electronics applications using Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP)

Decrease the development time for your entirely new control strategy for audio and video processing, smart home appliances, or human-machine interfaces. Develop, test, and improve your controls with interfaces to the physical sensors, actuators, and human interactions. 

Use SPI, I2C, and UART serial interfaces to connect to external devices such as ADCs and DACs, humidity and proximity sensors, IEPE and ICP sensors, accelerometers, or strain gauges. Exchange data between microcontrollers and DSPs and create test harnesses for your integrated circuits.


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Test and validate your controls with Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) testing

Emulate the surrounding physical system on a real-time target machine to create a realistic and accurate test environment for your control hardware. HIL allows you to quickly validate the functionality, quality, and safety of your new electronics product in a virtual environment. Offerings include scalable solutions from small desktop systems to complete rack integrations.

The innovative model-based design approach enables you to continuously verify and validate your design throughout the entire development process helping you to reduce time, cost, and risks.


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