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Speedgoat provide dedicated I/O modules and FPGA code modules running on Simulink Programmable FPGAs to enable communication between a Real-time target machine and devices using the following serial protocols:

  • RS232, RS422, RS485
  • SDLC and HDLC
  • I2C
  • SPI

All solutions come with Simulink driver blocks.


Selection Guide

Dedicated I/O Modules

I/O module Supported protocols No. of ports Baud rate
IO503 RS232, RS422, RS485 4 RS232: up to 920kb/s
RS422/485: up to 5.5296Mb/s
IO504 RS232, RS422, RS485 8 RS232: up to 920kb/s
RS422/RS485: up to 5.5296Mb/s
IO511 SDLC, HDLC, RS232, RS422, RS485 4 Synchronous: up to 10Mb/s
Asynchronous: up to 1Mb/s

FPGA Code Modules running on Simulink Programmable FPGAs

FPGA code module Supported protocols
SPI SPI Master and Slave
SPI Sniffer SPI Sniffer
I2C Master I2C Master
I2C Slave I2C Slave
Serial RS422 and RS485; RS232 via external adapter

If you can't find a serial I/O module with the characteristics you're looking for please contact us. We're continuously complementing our portfolio and frequently have alternative solutions available.