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Run custom Simscape Vehicle Models in Real-Time

Learn how to

  • Simulate and test SimscapeTM vehicle models on Speedgoat real-time target hardware
  • Use Simscape and automotive Simulink® add-on products to create high-fidelity and multidomain physical vehicle models and test various driving maneuvers
  • Benefit from 3D visualizations through Simscape Mechanics Explorer and Unreal® Engine 4​

Key Benefits

  • Rapidly build digital twin simulators with state-of-the-art vehicle plant models and deterministic I/O
  • Explore powertrain model architectures for conventional, hybrid, battery electric, and fuel cell vehicles
  • Evaluate and compare new system designs, size components and measure impact of your decisions with detailed real-time analyses​
  • Prove early prototypes of active chassis controls against high-fidelity vehicle digital twins​
  • Insert faulty signals and test extreme conditions in a safe environment​

Simscape Vehicle Templates


Providing configurable vehicle models and modular vehicle components, the Simscape vehicle templates library enables you to build your vehicle model. You can choose from various customizable pre-built vehicle types and models on different fidelity levels. Create your variant for any portion of the vehicle model (such as the brakes, suspension, or drivetrain) and build custom components using library blocks. Adjust parameter values for the selected vehicle configuration and choose what maneuvers you want to run in both open- or closed-loop configuration. Depending on your needs, view logged signals, visualize the simulation results in a 3D animation of the mechanics, or render the scene in photo-realistic graphics.​

Made for SimulinkPassenger Vechiles Trucks Off-High-Way Vechiles Racecars

Passenger Vehicles


Off-Highway Vehicles



Configuration for Real-Time Simulation

All Simscape vehicle template configurations are compatible with real-time execution using Speedgoat hardware and Simulink Real-Time™. Set up your vehicle model using the interactive user interface built with MATLAB® App Designer. To enable real-time execution on Speedgoat real-time target computers, select the solver option “Fixed Step (Simulink Real-Time™)” from the drop-down menu in the configuration app (tab Events). In implementing this workflow, you benefit from robust real-time behavior, critical for all kinds of HIL (Hardware-in-the-Loop) workflows, and safety-critical control systems.​

Choosing the Right Setup

All Speedgoat target machines support real-time execution of Simscape models. Entry-level real-time target machines such as the Unit and Baseline real-time target machine allow you to run basic vehicle models. If you want to run higher fidelity vehicle simulations such as multibody suspensions or thermal simulation of a battery cooling system, we recommend the powerful Performance real-time target machine. Either way, Speedgoat target computers provide you with a vast range of automotive-grade I/O and communication protocols, such as CANCAN-FD, and FlexRay, allowing you to connect to real vehicle networks and embedded controllers. Furthermore, you can incorporate virtual controllers into your simulation by using restbus techniques. For more complex vehicle simulators, you can rely on distributed solutions integrating multiple Speedgoat target computers, interconnected via shared memory or PTP IEEE-1588, and benefit from the know-how and experience of Speedgoat for standardized and highly modular rack solutions.

The Author

Timo Strässle

Timo Strässle
Application Engineer

Product Highlights


Simscape™ enables you to create models of physical systems within the Simulink® environment rapidly. With Simscape, you build physical component models based on physical connections that directly integrate with block diagrams and fully support code generation for deployment to real-time hardware. You model systems such as electric motors, multibody suspensions, hydraulic actuators, and refrigeration systems by assembling fundamental components into a schematic. Simscape add-on products provide more complex features and analysis capabilities for specific applications (Simscape Driveline™, Simscape Electrical™, Simscape Fluids™, Simscape Multibody™).​

Product Focus: Simscape™ ​ ​

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