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Expedite innovation and testing of robotics applications, from perception to planning and control design.

Reach shorter development and testing cycles by applying real-time controls testing on powerful and flexible Speedgoat target machines. With this, robotics researchers and engineers can develop and test novel smart control systems more efficiently. 

Robotics solutions are present in a wide range of applications such as:

  • Industrial cooperative robots
  • Autonomous mobile robots
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)
  • Robotic prostheses and exoskeletons
  • Robotic surgery systems
  • Humanoids

MathWorks and Speedgoat enable you to innovate faster while verifying and validating continuously along the way. Employ a Model-Based Design workflow from concept to hardware verification using industry-standard tools like MATLAB® & Simulink®, Simulink® Real-Time™, and related toolboxes such as Robotics System Toolbox™, Simscape™ Multibody™, UAV Toolbox, and Navigation Toolbox™. Connecting various analog I/O, digital I/O (like PWM and quadrature encoders), and using communication protocols like EtherCAT, TCP/IP, SPI, I2C, CAN,  UDP, Modbus, among many others, allows for seamless integration into your ecosystem. 

“For us, Speedgoat offers a perfect combination of performance, customizability, modularity, a reasonable price point. Integration with MATLAB® & Simulink® and support are excellent.”

Josh Caputo, PhD, President & CEO, HuMoTech


Capabilities for Real-Time Simulation and Testing


Fast Prototyping of Perception and Planning

Design and test camera-, radar- and lidar-based perception systems in Simulink®. Enable hardware acceleration for your designs by using Speedgoat FPGAs together with HDL Coder™ and Vision HDL Toolbox™.

Develop and verify mapping, localization, and real-time capable motion-planning algorithms swiftly using sensor models and prebuilt algorithms provided by Robotics System Toolbox™ and Navigation Toolbox™.


Develop, Tune and Test Controls and Supervisory Logic

Rapidly prototype and deploy supervisory and advanced motion controls with the help of Robotics System Toolbox™ and Control System Toolbox™.

Use robust and robot-mountable Unit or Baseline Speedgoat target machines specifically designed for rapid prototyping applications.

Easily configure I/O connectivity and immediately start experimenting against real-world dynamics with on-the-fly controller parameter tuning.


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Test Controls with Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation

Test early controller prototypes and embedded controllers against real-time digital copies of your robotic systems using hardware-in-the-loop simulation and test automation.

Directly import 3D models of your robotic system into Simscape™. Refine models using experimental data and automated parameter tuning. Complete your digital twin with real-time simulation electrical and pneumatic components, actuation systems, and sensors.

Co-simulate with photo-realistic 3D environments like Gazebo and Unreal Engine (UE4) to visualize and identify complex system dynamics.


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Log, Analyze, and Replay Sensor Data

Log data, replay multiple sensors as well as bus data with tight control over timing and synchronization.

Use recorded data to generate virtual operation scenarios and create linear and nonlinear models of your system using System Identification Toolbox™.

Access and visualize sensor recorded data in Simulation Data Inspector and Simulink® scopes.


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