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Speedgoat provides modules for measurement and simulation of PWM (pulse width modulation). offers support for reading and emulating most encoders available on the market today. The I/O functionality is supported via Simulink® driver blocks for your Configruable I/O Module.


Set I/O functionalities and channel count on your Configurable I/O Module according to your needs using Simulink® driver blocks.

Selection Guide: PWM Generation and Capture

Type Capture Generation  


For Rapid Control Protyping, connect your encoders to a Speedgoat system using I/O functionality representing decoders or masters. Also, leverage sniffer I/O functionality for all kinds of monitoring tasks. For hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation, you can emulate encoders and connect to controllers such as PLCs. Emulated encoder signals are typically created by a digital twin of an e.g. an electric motor running in real-time on a Speedgoat target machine.

Selection Guide: Encoder Measurement and Simulation

Type Decoder / Measurement Encoder /
Cam and Crank  
EnDAT 2.1/2.2



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