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EV Charging for Simulink

The Speedgoat electric vehicle (EV) charging solution allows you to test the charging controllers of both EVs and charging stations. Accurately emulate the communication and control signals between the EV and the charging station, which is compliant with ISO 15118-3 and DIN 70121 for DC charging, and IEC 61851 for AC charging.

The EV charging solution consists of an external EV/EVSE CCS Charging Interface device, which is connected to the Speedgoat test system over a standard Ethernet connection. Two versions of the device are available, one to test the charging controllers of the EV when emulating the electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) on the Speedgoat test system, and the other for the opposite application. Emulation and testing are done using the Simulink® and MATLAB® environment.

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EV Charging for Simulink

About EV/EVSE Charging Interface

The EV/EVSE charging interface solution leverages power line communication to enable communication between the EV and the electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE). This is done via the Green PHY communication protocol, which uses the power line communication signals to transmit data signals over existing power grid lines. These communication signals also consist of:

  • Control pilot (CP) signal: This ensures communication between the EV and the charging station.
  • Proximity pilot (PP) signal: This helps determine if a physical connection the EV and the EVSE can be established.


Connect the EV/EVSE charging interface solution to your EV or your EVSE to test the charging protocols, and various charging scenarios. Test and validate the communication lines between different EV and EVSE, as well as ensure seamless interoperability and plug-and-charge functionality across diverse charging environments.

Selection Guide

All Speedgoat test systems are equipped with onboard Ethernet controllers that support connection to the EV/EVSE CCS Charging Interface device.

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