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Training and On-site Jump-Start Consulting

MathWorks and Speedgoat developed a high-quality training on Real-Time Testing with Speedgoat Hardware and Simulink Real-Time. This hands-on two-day course focuses on real-time testing workflows, including rapid control prototyping (RCP) and hardware in-the-loop (HIL) testing, using Simulink Real-Time software and Speedgoat real-time computers. Attendees will convert desktop-based simulation applications into real-time applications which run on the target machine and interface with physical hardware (Demo Kits). Emphasis is placed on interacting with the application in real-time and analyzing the outputs for validation. This course is intended for intermediate to advanced Simulink users who are adopting real-time testing in their development process. Contact MathWorks training to book an on-site training on Simulink Real-Time or HDL Coder.

In addition, Speedgoat offers on-site jump-start consulting to get your team started using your specific Speedgoat solution in the shortest amount of time.

Contact us to discuss your on-site jump-start consulting needs