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Rapidly Innovate Complex Control Designs and Thoroughly Test Embedded Controllers

Each Speedgoat test system is configured to meet your application-specific closed-loop sample rate, I/O connectivity, and environmental requirements, and is accompanied by quality services including responsive technical support, software maintenance assuring compatibility with current and future MATLAB® releases, and warranty on hardware.

Frequent testing use cases leveraged with Speedgoat include control design innovation through rapid control prototyping, and testing of embedded hardware through hardware-in-the-loop simulation of digital twins.

"The Speedgoat solution provides a unique combination of high throughput, low latency I/O and a high-level programming workflow using MATLAB® scripts, Simulink® and HDL CoderTM, which is ideal for TAE’s fast paced research environment."

Jesús Antonio Romero, Lead Scientist, TAE Technologies

Key Components of a Speedgoat Test System


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