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MQTT Client

Simulink Driver Blocks for MQTT Communication

MQTT client blocks allow easy access to parameters and data of devices in IoT applications.

The Simulink blocks handle the data exchange between the connected MQTT broker and the application running on the real-time target computer. Publishing, as well as subscribing to MQTT topics, is supported by the blocks.

Get started by adding the MQTT blocks to your Simulink model. No additional tools are required to enable MQTT communication. MQTT is supported on the real-time target machines' native Ethernet interfaces and over Ethernet I/O modules.

Key Features

  • Supports publishing and subscribing to multiple topics
  • Multiple clients can run on one target machine, connected with one or multiple broker devices
  • TCP/IP communication layer allows update rates of up to 1 kHz
  • Asynchronous data exchange saves computing time for real-time tasks

Hardware Selection Guide

All the Ethernet ports support MQTT. One port can handle the data transmission of multiple MQTT clients configured in the real-time application. Each MQTT client requires a runtime license. MQTT support is available with MATLAB R2020b and later.

MQTT is compatible with the following Ethernet I/O modules:

Product Number of ports Supported machines     
IO710 1 port Performance  
IO715 4 ports Performance, Mobile, and Baseline  
IO791 2 ports Baseline and Unit  
I/O Access  
Communication standard  Implementation according to the MQTT Specifications
MQTT versions supported  3.2, 3.2, and 5
Number of clients

Multiple Ethernet interfaces can be fitted to a target machine

Each Ethernet interface can be connected to another MQTT network

One Ethernet interface can represent multiple clients through IP aliasing

Quality of service supported At most once; at least once; exactly once
Retain flag Supported
Item ID Product Name Components
2A730 MQTT Client Runtime License
  • 1 x MQTT Client Runtime License
  • Driver block library for Simulink Real-Time 
  • Comprehensive documentation and Simulink example models 


Pricing information
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Included in the Delivery

  • MQTT Client Runtime License
  • Simulink driver blocks 
  • Test models 
  • Comprehensive documentation 

Common Applications

Supported target machines


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