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Leveraging real-time target machines for use as embedded controllers can be very cost efficient, especially for small to medium quantities:

  • The hardware is available off the shelf
  • Real-time stand-alone executable applications can be automatically created from Simulink models and run within seconds on your system
  • Off-the-shelf communication protocols like I2C, serial, CAN, EtherCAT, etc.
  • Deterministic sample-rate requirements are assured
  • Long-term availability of components
  • CE and FCC compliance can be guaranteed
  • User interfaces can be rapidly built using Simulink Real-Time Explorer, MATLAB App Designer, C/C++ or .NET APIs

Custom real-time target machines and I/O modules optimized for your project specific needs can be designed for a minimum quantity of 10.

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Real-Time Systems for Embedded Use and Fleet Testing

Common Applications

  • Embedded controllers for medical, electronics, semiconductors, robotics, or process
    automation machinery and apparatuses produced in small to medium quantities
  • Fleet testing of vehicles, UAVs, or robots
  • Controllers for demonstration purposes



  • Wide range of off-the-shelf or customized real-time target machines, available with Intel CPUs from Celeron up to Core i7, for mobile use, or for rack and cabinet installation
  • Over 200 I/O modules available off the shelf. Customized I/O modules can typically be produced with a minimum quantity of 10
  • Flexible I/O configuration, ideal for control systems with variable or changing I/O and protocols requirements
  • Long-term availability of 7+ years can be assured for most components
  • Guaranteed deterministic behavior
  • CE/FCC/RoHS/SEMI compliance. Additional certification services for complete systems are available.


  • Fastest possible path from design in MATLAB & Simulink to embedded implementation of your control design on a real-time target machine
  • Royalty-free stand-alone operation of your real-time application on as many Real-time target machines as required. No Simulink license required.
  • Rapidly build stand-alone GUIs using Simulink Real-Time Explorer or the Simulink Real-Time C/C++ or .NET APIs
  • Assured compatibility with future releases of MathWorks software


Save costs and reduce risks

  • Leverage off the shelf software and hardware components, guaranteed to work with your Simulink design and meet your project specific requirements
  • Save costs on software implementations, hardware designs, and certifications, and benefit from long-term availability
  • Have the flexibility of loading updated controls implementation on the real-time target machine within seconds

Shorten time-to-market

  • Rapidly create, build, implement, and run controls designs on a real-time target machine acting as embedded controller within days
  • No need to go through the traditional time consuming hardware and software design processes, typically requiring months and introducing significant costs


Comparison: Using a real-time system as controller vs an embedded controller

Real-time target machines for Embedded Use


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