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Real-time systems comprising Speedgoat real-time target machines and Simulink Real-Time, not only provide a convenient environment to rapidly acquire and monitor signal data, but are ideal for closed-loop controls. For example, for active anti-damping systems for bridges and buildings, to simulate environmental scenarios such as earthquakes, or for vibration platforms in the automotive and aerospace industries.

Common Applications

  • Vibration measurement and active controls. For example, of ground, buildings or walls, bridges, vehicle components, or sensitive production machinery
  • High precision temperature and strain measurement and simulation, such as for monitoring for safety or controls purposes

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Structural Test: Vibration and strain measurement and controls



  • High resolution 24-bit IEPE, thermocouple, RTD, thermistor, and strain gauge measurements
  • Lowest latency 18-bit and 16-bit IEPE measurement solutions to achieve closed-loop rates up to 500 kHz
  • Low cost temperature, strain, and vibration measurements via EtherCAT and BECKHOFF solutions
  • Terminal boards or BNC/XLR/banana panels and coaxial connectors for easy connectivity
  • Your project specific sample rate, I/O, and environmental requirements guaranteed to be met
  • High performance real-time target machine assembled to your needs
  • Various form factors available for office/lab or field use, and for embedded deployment


  • Design your signal processing and controls algorithms or plant simulations in MATLAB & Simulink
  • Drag and drop Speedgoat I/O driver blocks to your Simulink model, and configure signal parameters via easy to use dialog fields
  • Autogenerate C/HDL code from Simulink controls design and execute on multi-core CPUs and optional FPGAs
  • Download and run real-time applications on high performance multi-core CPUs and FPGAs within seconds
  • Tune signal parameters on the fly during real-time execution, and immediately monitor the effects
  • Create graphical user interfaces simply using Simulink Real-Time, MATLAB App Designer, .NET or C/C++ interfaces


Save costs and reduce risks

  • Rapidly design and test vibration, temperature, and strain measurements and controls on a real-time system, without having to build expensive hardware that's difficult to debug
  • Build vibration, temperature, and strain simulators
  • Perform tests beyond the range of normal parameters without risking damage to equipment

Shorten time-to-market

  • Shift the traditional sequential V-diagram to a circular workflow to enable continuous verification and validation of your designs at the earliest possible stages
  • Seamless Model-Based Design workflow support along the entire development cycle including modeling, prototyping, testing, documentation, and embedded integration

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