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Speedgoat real-time test systems allow you to transition seamlessly from your MATLAB and Simulink desktop environment to testing with real hardware, rapid controller prototyping, and hardware-in-the-loop testing.

Connect your hardware such as sensors and actuators to your Simulink implementation via Speedgoat I/O modules, and process, log, and analyze data right from MATLAB and Simulink.

Leverage model-based design to create a digital twin of your robotics platform, assisted by dedicated toolboxes such as Robotics System Toolbox and Simscape Multibody, and a wide variety of real-world application examples.

Boost real-time performance by incorporating Simulink-programmable FPGA I/O modules, for example, to process vision data in real-time for vision-guided control.

Topics that we will cover include:

  • Learn about Speedgoat real-time test systems for robotics and autonomous systems
  • Discover customer success stories ranging from medical devices to automated driving and industrial automation
  • See hands-on application examples for data acquisition, vision-guided robot control, and plant modeling

The Authors

Timo Strässle

Timo Strässle
Application Engineer

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