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Formula Student Sponsoring - 2023/24 Season

Supporting Formula Student Teams to Accelerate Design and Testing of Controls Since 2016

Formula Student Teams! 

We will again support selected teams for the 2023/24 Formula Student season.

Start modeling your control designs in Simulink and deploy them to a Speedgoat test system using Simulink Real-Time™. Test your control designs early in the season by using the Speedgoat test system as a controller prototype. Leverage the same test system as a central control unit in your car. Further, model your plant in Simulink and deploy it to the Speedgoat test system to use it as a digital twin of your plant. Test your control units by simulating the racetrack along with test conditions like track surface, temperature.

How to apply:

  • Submit your application in PDF format (max. five pages) 
  • Send your application to the email address: formulastudent[at]
  • Apply until October 8th, 2023 at the very latest.

The winners will be announced shortly after.

What we want to know:

Your application needs to address the following points:

  • How are you currently designing your control algorithms?
  • Are you using model-based design in Simulink for your controls design and testing?
  • Why is Speedgoat your preferred solution and what alternatives are you considering?
  • Are you looking to further test your controllers using hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing?
  • What are your detailed plans for using Speedgoat solutions for the upcoming season and specify which of the three standard configurations would fit your needs or if you would need a different configuration
  • Submit proof that you are designing controls using Simulink and outline how you intend to build on top of that to achieve your development goals.
  • Will you be ready to acknowledge the support you receive by adding Speedgoat’s logo on your car and your materials?

We wish you the best of luck!

What we offer:

Lightweight Controller Prototype
Controller Prototype
Hardware-in-the-Loop Test System
Unit real-time target machine
Baseline real-time target machine
Baseline real-time target machine
Equipped with
Equipped with
Equipped with
IO613 or IO614
IO613 or IO614
Optionally IO191
Optionally IO291

Note: There is flexibility in configuring the system within bounds.

For further queries please also use: formulastudent[at]

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