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IO334 I/O Box

A DIN-Rail-Mountable I/O Box with BNC and RJ45 Connections.

The IO334 I/O box is used to connect the IO334 analog channels (16 x analog inputs, 16 x analog outputs) to the user setup. All 32 analog signals are mapped to eight RJ45 connectors on the front of the I/O box. Each RJ45 connector carries four analog channels. To ensure the correct signal integrity, the end user should also use RJ45 connectors. The recommended Ethernet cable is a Shielded and Foiled Twisted Pair (S/FTP).

The I/O box also features BNC connectors to monitor or inject signals on a subset of four analog channels. The box features four BNC connectors for single-ended signals, and eight BNC connectors for differential signals. To use the BNC connectors, an Ethernet patch cable must be connected from the top RJ45 connectors to the desired group of analog signals. This allows the user to easily monitor up to four analog channels on an oscilloscope or to inject signals using a signal generator.

Speedgoat recommends that whenever possible, the Samtec cable be directly connected to the end-user setup. This will ensure optimal signal integrity.

This item is included in the delivery of the IO334 Simulink-Programmable FPGA I/O module.