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IO33X Front Plug-ins for FPGA I/O Modules

IO33X front plug-in I/O modules are available for IO332, and IO333 FPGA I/O modules. They add additional functionality such as RS485, ADC, DAC and digital I/O.

Selection Guide

IO33X-1-LV 64 x digital LVTTL (3.3V) front I/O lines
IO33X-2 30 x RS485 (RS422 compliant) front I/O lines
IO33X-3 16 x CMOS (5V) and 22 RS485 (RS422 compliant) front I/O lines
IO33X-4 30 x LVDS I/O lines
IO33X-6 16 x 16-bit 500kHz ADs, 8 x 16-bit DAs with 10us settling time, 16 x digital TTL I/O lines 

Plug-in Concept

Optional IO33X front plug-ins allow a variety of digital (TTL, LVDS, CMOS), RS485/RS422, and analog functionality to be added to IO33X FPGA I/O modules.

Optional IO3XX rear plug-ins allow the digital lines of the IO3XX FPGA I/O modules to be accessible from the front of the enclosure, and convert them to TTL, RS422 or RS485.


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