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I/O Module Form Factors

Most Speedgoat I/O modules come in either the XMC, PMC or CMC form factors. Such Mezzanine Card form factors can be installed in all Speedgoat real-time target machines, either directly or by using carriers. Other I/O modules use the following form factors: PCI, PCI Express (PCIe) and mini PCI Express (mPCIe). The table below depicts the form factors compatible with each real-time target machine.

Target machine Native form factor Required carrier
(included in delivery)
Baseline-S mPCIe -
Baseline-M mPCIe, XMC/PMC/CMC -
Mobile mPCIe, XMC/PMC/CMC -
Performance PCI, PCIe XMC to PCIe, PMC/CMC to PCI/PCIe
and cPCI/PXI (requires expansion chassis)
Audio PCI, PCIe XMC to PCIe, and PMC/CMC to PCI

Being able to use the same I/O-modules across different real-time systems, application areas, and projects increases your return of investment and significantly flattens the learning curve when you embark on a new project with a different machine.

New I/O designs usually first become available in the XMC form factor. Speedgoat real-time target machines are therefore guaranteed to have access to the latest technology, such as on-board multi-gigabit transceivers leveraging FPGAs.

Speedgoat’s XMC, PMC, and CMC I/O modules meet the open standard VITA specifications. VITA compliant technologies are a favorite choice for modular critical embedded computing systems.

PMC is a mezzanine standard leveraging the PCI-bus, and XMC leverages the PCIe bus. CMC I/O modules condition rear I/O lines of FPGA-based I/O modules e.g. from LVCMOS to TTL or RS422.

The appropriate carrier (if required) is always included in the delivery of your selected I/O module.

Form Factors

Example: IO601 (CAN)
Example: IO316 (FPGA)
CMC signal conditioning I/O module, converts P14 LVCMOS to TTL
Example: IO3XX-21

FPGA-based XMC (PCIe) I/O modules also include dedicated multi-gigabit links (MGTs) for lowest latency data exchange between multiple FPGA-based I/O modules, and external multi-gigabit fiber-optic transceivers (SFPs) to connect with multiple real-time target machines, or to your hardware:

Form Factors

IO333-SFP: Kintex 7 FPGA with front SFPs
rear P14 (64xLVMOS), and rear J16 with MGTs
IO333: Kintex 7 FPGA with front AD/DA/DIO,
rear P14 (64xLVCMOS), and rear J16 with MGTs

XMC, PMC, and CMC I/O modules are small enough to physically fit directly into the Mobile real-time target machines. P14 and J16 MGT connections are implemented on-board - no additional hardware, carriers, or cabling is required.

For installation into our Performance, and Audio (cPCI/PXI) real-time target machines, PMC/XMC/CMC to PCI/PCIe/cPCI carrier cards are included in delivery:

Form Factors

Examples of PMC/XMC/CMC to PCIe/PCI/cPCI carriers

These carriers also provide the required connections to interface P14 I/O lines of PMC/XMC I/O modules to CMC signal conditioning I/O modules, and to connect J16 connectors of multiple FPGA-based I/O modules.

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