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Emulation of Electric and Thermal Behavior for Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing of Battery Management Systems

Electric vehicles (EVs) rely on batteries as their primary source of energy storage. As battery packs require battery management systems (BMS) to operate safely and reliably, it is vital to test control algorithms for state of charge (SoC) estimation or cell balancing at an early stage.

Automated hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing enables you to test control algorithms such as state of charge or cell balancing. HIL testing also helps to thoroughly validate your BMS hardware under both working and fault conditions to develop reliable, efficient, and safe systems.

Key Advantages of HIL Testing of Battery Management Systems

  • Testing on real batteries is dangerous, time-consuming and expensive.
  • Novel electricity-powered applications require robust and agile battery management systems.​
  • Short development cycles require flexible, reliable and efficient validation methods at all stages.




Key Benefits

  • Automate HIL testing of your BMS with emulation down to cell level.
  • Validate algorithms for active and passive cell balancing, state of charge and state of health estimation.
  • Scale to any application with up to 312 cells.
  • Simulate battery chemistries with cell voltages ranging from 0.01V to 8V and currents from -5A up to 5A.
  • Emulate thermal behavior to validate your BMS reliablly and efficiently. Simulate NTC and PTC sensors.
  • Extend cell emulation with failure insertion capabilities. Emulate inserting faults such as short-circuits, broken wires and reverse polarity.
  • Integrate seamlessly with Simulink Real-Time™ and Simscape Electrical™.

Rack Systems Tailored to Your Needs

Benefit from our expertise in integrating battery cell emulators, fault insertion components, temperature channels, and additional components into modular rack systems specified according to your needs.

  • Integrate battery cell emulators, fault insertion and temperature emulation channels into full rack solutions.
  • Expand your system with custom equipment and signal conditioning units.
  • Choose from a broad selection of​ I/O connectivity and protocols.
  • Integrate safety control unit and custom power management systems. 


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Emulate battery packs ranging from small portable battery power supplies up to full-scale battery stacks. Speedgoat's battery emulation solutions offer a broad voltage range of up to 8V and current capabilities of up to 5A, and are ideal for testing battery technology under any operating conditions. Benefit from modular expansion options to emulate battery faults at the cell level and temperature in order to achieve safer and more holistic testing and validation of battery management systems. 

Product Number of cells per unit Output voltage
Current source
Current sink Voltage and Current measurement Voltage isolation
Form factor Fault Insertion      Temperature Simulation
IO992 6 independent 0-7V,
14-bit resolution
300mA per channel 300mA per channel Yes 750V PXI No No
Battery Cell Emulator (BCE) 12 independent (isolated)

0-5V, 0-6V or 0-8V, with
18-bit resolution

5A per channel (current derating for voltages above 5V)

5A per channel, 18-bit resolution Yes 1.6kV 2U 19'' Optionally available Optionally available


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