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LIN (Local Interconnect Network) is a broadcast serial network protocol used for communication between components in commercial vehicles.

Speedgoat provides support for LIN with some CAN I/O modules together with LIN driver blocks delivered with Simulink Real-Time.

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Selection Guide

IO601 Intelligent CAN module with 2 isolated and software-selectable high/low speed CAN ports
IO603 Active CAN module with 4 isolated channels for CAN FD and high-speed CAN, 2 isolated channels for LIN, and 4 digital I/O channels
IO611 Active CAN module with 2 isolated CAN / CAN FD channels, software selectable high-speed CAN, low-speed CAN and LIN  
IO614 Active CAN module with 4 isolated CAN channels, software selectable highspeed CAN, low-speed CAN and LIN



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