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XCP (or Universal Measurement and Calibration Protocol) is a network protocol used for  calibrating and bypassing ECUs (electronic control units) in the automobile industry.

Perform XCP calibration and bypassing using the Speedgoat real-time target machines and a range of I/O modules. All real-time solutions come with driver blocks for Simulink Real-Time (see Selection Guide below).

In addition to the Simulink Real-Time™ workflow, the XCP interface enables tools such as Vector CANape™ or ETAS INCA™ to be used for calibration, and measurement. Features include:

  • Native ASAP2 generation from Simulink Coder
  • Calibrate 1-D and 2-D lookup tables
  • Calibrate structure parameters
  • Show signal / parameter names as they appear in Simulink
  • Data acquisition through multiple event channels (multi-rate)
  • Memory segment and paging support
  • Page freezing
  • Support reference models
  • Support for third-party calibration software through TCP/IP
  • Leverage XCP master with both CAN and UDP communication within the same model 
  • Communicate with multiple XCP slaves over UDP

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XCP for Calibration and Bypassing

Selection Guide

XCP master and slave are supported as standard on our Real-time target machines, via the built-in Ethernet ports. Our I/O modules provide greater flexibility, including support for XCP over CAN.

IO710 1 port Performance real-time target machine
IO715 4 ports Performance, Mobile and Baseline real-time target machine
IO716 1 port Performance real-time target machine
IO791 2 ports Mobile, Baseline, and Unit real-time target machine

XCP over CAN is also supported using CAN I/O modules.



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