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Latest Webinar: Model-Based Design to Build and Validate a Control System for an Industrial PLC using Simulink and Speedgoat Real-Time Target Machines

Simon Eriksson, MathWorks
Magnus Jung, MathWork

Learn how to use a Model-Based Design workflow for tackling typical design challenges in the industrial automation and machinery industry using Simulink and Speedgoat Real-time target machines.

This webinar uses a crane control application to demonstrate:

  • Steps involved in the development of a new crane controller using Simulink 
  • How to automatically transfer project models from desktop to industrial PLCs and Speedgoat Real-time target machines using code generation capabilities of Simulink Coder and PLC coder.
  • How to perform HIL simulation using Simulink Real-Time and Speedgoat hardware connected to an industrial PLC to validate and test control algorithms in real-time. 
  • Potential for multi-node fieldbus emulation with thousands of fieldbus devices with actual controller hardware using real physical interconnects.

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