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Automated Testing of Functions and Systems in All Development Stages

With ecu.test you can intuitively create test cases for automotive software in every development phase and get started testing without prior knowledge of test automation and programming. ecu.test is designed in a way to keep the test quality high while the effort to use it is extremely low.


Integration Benefits

  • Simulink and ecu.test leverage the standardized ASAM XIL interface.
  • ecu.test allows effective automation of the entire test environment.
  • ecu.test integrates into existing tool chains. It has several APIs for remote and execution control, artifact generation and manipulation, reporting as well as a Jenkins plug-in.


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Solution Requirements

  • ASAM XIL Standard is available with MATLAB® / Simulink® R2021b and newer versions
  • ecu.test 2022.1 and newer versions

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