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High-Fidelity Real-Time 1D CFD Engine Modelling

WAVE-RT from Realis Simulation is the industry’s leading real-time* engine plant modeling tool with a dedicated high-fidelity real-time solver for model-in-the-loop, software-in-the-loop, and hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing. It has been developed for fast and accurate comprehensive virtual calibration of the engine and is used to model advanced control strategies that need to be designed, tested, and validated for integration into new engine control units. Furthermore, the current generation WAVE-RT has fidelity approaching full 1D CFD modeling, providing suitability for many traditional engine development tasks. Calibrated WAVE-RT engine plant models also enable system-level simulations for applications such as digital monitoring, fault analysis, drivability, and onboard diagnostics (OBD) system improvement.

*models can run faster than real-time if needed

Integration Benefits

  • WAVE-RT provides high-fidelity physics-based models for internal combustion engines (ICE), running in real-time or faster.
  • WAVE-RT can be deployed on HIL test systems using dedicated MATLAB® and Simulink® support or functional mock-up unit (FMU).
  • WAVE-RT can be seamlessly deployed on Speedgoat HIL test systems with MATLAB® and Simulink® Real-TimeTM in three simple steps: Create, Import, Deploy.
  • Combined with the power of Speedgoat HIL test systems, WAVE-RT enables rapid and accurate virtual calibration of modern ICE.


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Software Requirements

  • Simulink® R2020b or newer
  • 2021.1 or newer version of Realis-Simulation WAVE-RT 

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