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Speedgoat and its partners provide an integrated and seamless model-based testing workflow.

Unrivaled Test System Integration With Simulink

Speedgoat test systems integrate seamlessly with MATLAB and Simulink and extend your model-based design workflow. MathWorks and Speedgoat provide an integrated testing solution ranging from desktop to rapid control prototyping (RCP) and hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing up to embedded deployment.

Create real-time applications from your Simulink model that run on a Speedgoat target computer with a single click using Simulink Real-Time™ . Simulate and test control designs and the dynamics of complex plants such as electric vehicles, wind turbines, electric power systems, battery management systems, robots, and autonomous systems.


Third-Party Software Integration Partners

Below partners are closely collaborating with Speedgoat to ensure seamless test system integration.

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