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Programmable FPGAs I/O modules

Many applications require high frequency signal acquisition and generation, signal processing algorithms and plant simulation and control with closed-loop rates below a micro-second. The Programmable FPGA I/O modules use the latest Xilinx FPGAs to deliver the lowest latency connectivity and high-frequency closed-loop sample times. Furthermore, like configurable FPGAs, they can be combined with a wide range of FPGA code modules to provide off-the-shelf I/O connectivity and industrial protocols. Multiple FPGA scalability is assured with multi-gigabit high-speed communication protocols like Aurora

Programmable FPGAs are designed in close partnership with MathWorks to deliver a perfect integration with HDL Coder™ for automatic VHDL code generation, Simulink Real-Time™ and a wide range of other MathWorks products. Combine with FPGA code modules for enhanced I/O connectivity and a wide range of communication protocols.

Programmable FPGA I/O Module Selection Guide

To achieve very high closed-loop rates (up to multiple MHz) the FPGA I/O modules include their own local I/O in order to bypass the limitations of the relatively slow PCI bus. This local I/O is either integrated into the module or can be added as a plug-in. The Selection Guide below shows the wide range of analog, digital, and fiber optic transceivers available.

I/O module FPGA chip Logic cells Front I/O lines Rear I/O lines
IO323 Xilinx Spartan 6 100k 48 TTL
32 x 16-bit analog in
8 x 16-bit analog out
64 LVCMOS or 32 LVDS
3 x MGT
Selectable rear plug-ins
IO331 Xilinx Spartan 6 150k Selectable front plug-ins 64 LVCMOS or 32 LVDS
Selectable rear plug-ins
IO333 Xilinx Kintex 7 325k or 410k Selectable front plug-ins
2 x SFP
64 LVCMOS or 32 LVDS
Selectable rear plug-ins
8 x MGT
IO335 Xilinx Kintex 7 325k 24 x 16-bit analog in 64 LVTTL or 32 LVDS
Selectable rear plug-ins
4 x MGT
IO342 Xilinx Kintex Ultrascale 1.45M Selectable plug-ins Selectable plug-ins
IO397 Xilinx Artix 7 50k 4 x 16 bit analog in, 4 x 16-bit analog out, 14 x TTL Not applicable


Speedgoat FPGA I/O modules and Simulink Real-Time™, together with Simulink Coder™ for C, and HDL Coder™ for VHDL code generation make it easy to leverage all the benefits of FPGA technology:

Task With Simulink Coder only With HDL Coder
Acquire and generate high-frequency analog and digital signals up to 10 Gsps
Achieve closed-loop sample rates up to 20-100kHz depending on model complexity and I/O channel count
Achieve closed-loop rates above 20-100kHz, depending on model complexity and I/O channel count  
Pre-process or replay signal data on FPGAs  
Leverage FPGA code modules with FPGA I/O modules
Run floating and fixed point implementations
(some restrictions with HDL Coder may apply depending on your application and the MATLAB release used)
Integrate custom VHDL code into Simulink design  
Log data to x86 RAM, SSD, or to external RAM of the FPGA I/O module
Run algorithms designed with Simulink on multiple CPU cores and multiple synchronized target machines, at multiple synchronized sample rates  
Run algorithms designed with Simulink on multiple CPU cores and CPUs, and multiple FPGAs, interconnected with low-latency links, at multiple synchronized sample rates
Monitor parameters and tune application during real-time execution